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Venice can become the ideal settings for the most wonderful day of your life. Civil bindings wedding ceremonies, blessing, renewal of vows. For further information:
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You don't really need a tourist guide to visit Venice. Venice is such a fascinating city that just by walking around without going anywhere in particular, getting lost in its alleyways, loosing your self in its atmosphere, in its light, you will experience something wonderful that you will hardly forget. The beauty and wanders of Venice are so evident and clear that a visit to Venice can remain at a superficial level, it does not need to be deepen. Venice is an icon, it speaks by itself. This is the reason why it has been copied so often all around the world. In Japan, in China, in the U.S. there are full size Venice streets, squares, buildings, with gondolas too. Something like this can only happen for Venice, because, as we said, Venice is an icon and can be recognized everywhere with no need of further explanation. Venice is there, it doesn't really need anything else. Nevertheless, for many people, during their visit to Venice, can't help asking themselves a lot of questions about how and why such a wonderful place could come true. And they often, unless they studied before coming to Venice or stop enjoying the sight of Venice by reading explanations from a guide book, they cannot find answers feeling a bit frustrated.

If you want to have experts bringing you around the marvelous streets, squares, bridges and palaces of Venice, ask a tourist guide to show you the town, answering all the questions you might ask yourself during your visit to Venice.


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