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Venice is not just a town. For 1500 years Venice has been the capital of a country of its own, and a very particular one. In this long period of time Venice developed its uniqueness, its art, its culture, its traditions that, in spite of time and modern tourist industry, are still part of the soul of this city.
You can enjoy Venice just by walking around and get lost in its maze-like alleys, canals and bridges. Nevertheless, being able to understand the reasons why Venice has become the city it is, why festivals like the carnival developed, what created the world wide famous glass industry of Murano or why the gondolas have that peculiar shape and color, will definitely make you look at this wonderful town with different eyes.

Here there are only few hints and information you can bring with you before going to Venice. If you want to have a professional guide taking you around the city center of Venice and telling you all its stories and legends please contact:


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