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If you are staying for more than one day in Venice, the city can also become an excellent point from where you can enjoy great day trips in the inland behind the water city.
The region in which Venice is situated, Veneto, is Italy main tourist area, with several interesting destinations within easy reach of Venice.
From Venezia Santa Lucia train station there are train departing every half an hour and in no more then two hours you can get almost anywhere in Veneto.
From Piazzale Roma or from Venice airport, with a rented car or with a chauffeur service, moving around Veneto become even easier.

Escorted Tours

No matter if you are an organized group or an individual traveller, you can book a guided tour with a professional, fully licensed guide taking care of all arrangements and telling you the history, the art and stories of marvellous Veneto Region cities so that you can really enjoy your trip and relax. Our guides will also give you precious tips and information on local restaurants, shops and attractions so that you can really make the most of your time in the region. It will be like having an old local friend taking care of you.
It's worth investigating trips that can be organized by Venice Tours. Our itineraries include trips to:

  • Lake Garda: Italy biggest lake. The beauty of its shore made it a popular resort since Roman age. Through the centuries, poets and artist prized its villages full of atmosphere and it's stunning landscape with the clear blue water surrounded by the mountains.
  • Verona: the famous town of Romeo and Juliet. It's Roman past left many important monuments such as the Arena, the amphitheater still used today for the opera festival.
  • Mantua: one of the Italian capital of Renaissance art and architecture.
  • Vicenza: the famous town of Andrea Palladio and the Veneto Villas Vicenza can be considered an open air architecture museum
  • Padua: the town of Saint Antonio and its amazing church. One of the capitals of Italian art with the famous Cappella degli Scrovegni painted by Giotto.
  • Wine Tours: Veneto is one of most important wine producing regions in Italy. Valpolicella, Soave, Prosecco are only few of its wine producing areas. You'll have the chance to visit some of the most renown cellars in various areas and taste their products.

With our guides you'll probably see more than if you were planning trips on your own, reading from a guide book and find your way around with a map.

Transfer Services

The local guide can come to meet you at the train station of your destination or, if you prefer to have more comfort, we can organize the transfer service on chaffeured limousine car or van departing from Piazzale Roma in Venice.

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